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3D ‘Active’ curriculum software is having amazing results in teaching & learning.

3D curriculum software (key stage 2, 3 and 4) is now available in the following subjects:
Maths, English, Geography, ICT, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Art & Design. The Solution comprises of an ultra short throw projector that can be used normally in 2D mode but is 3D enabled to show 3D software, 3D glasses & software.

3D ‘Activ’ software needs to be seen to be believed as it is far superior to 3D ‘passive software’ which is being used in cinemas and pubs. Using 3D ‘Activ’ software objects appear to 'float' in front of the pupil resulting in shortening the learning curve.

Due to computers and consoles playing a major part in children's' lives it is acknowledged that children are 'digital natives' and will absorb information more readily when it is presented in a format they find natural - the 3D environment being the foremost.

Using 3D learning, we can visualize and take facts and concepts available in data and track that into a virtual environment. This provides a 3D learning sensibility and shortens the learning curve and time frame.

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